Sin Currículo


2017, Fundación Formación de Futuros, Universidad Javeriana, Mercator Stiftung, AVINA Stiftung, ZHDK, Cali Colombia

Sin Currículo (Without Curriculum) was an art/education project in the form of a temporary school in Cali Colombia that questioned the traditional concept of education that conceives students as containers into which educators place some knowledge. Departing from the question how does a school/classroom look like without a curriculum and how such a space impacts and affect the micro-politics of the city? This project proposed a space for agency, inter-cultural understanding, autonomy and self-discovery through collective creation, discussion and action. In collaboration with Vincent Scarth the project fostered a non-hierarchical school configuration where we redefine the roll of teachers and students as having the same amount agency and capacity of decision.