Urbanity and New Manners: SITTING Practice


2015 , La Bienal DESDE AQUÍ, Muséo de Arte Moderno Bucaramanga, Centro Cultural del Oriente Colombiano ,Bucaramanga Colombia


Sitting is the primary body position assumed by people in western industrialized nations. We spend most of our hours and part of our leisure time sitting. We sit when we read, write, eat, travel and work. SITTING practice give insight into manifold possibilities of sitting forms through human collaboration and allow comparisons to be made between furniture types, functionality and social accepted codes of behavior.


Urbanity and New Manners is a compilation of group practices and urban interventions offering alternative ways of handling everyday interactions. Inspired by El Manual de Urbanidad y Buenas Maneras (The Manual of Urbanity and Good Manners) written by Venezuelan pedagogue Manuel Antonio Carreño in 1853 setting the codes of social behaviour and interaction in the Latin America of the time, this project invites art and non-art audiences to have collective experiences through body exercises where the center is the building of trust, playfulness and proximity.