The Color in between Us


2014, Batubelah Art Residency, Bali Indonesia, BAF Art Residency Fellowship, Wasserburg Germany


The Color in between Us was a mapping in colors of first time impressions and encounters. This project took as a starting point a chart I found in the Internet: Richard Lewis’ Cultural Types Chart that assigns specific colors to nationalities creating three main groups; northern countries are “blue” referencing a cold and factual mind-set. Southern countries are typified as “red”, indicating a warm and impulsive character and Asians are “yellow” following reactive and courteous qualities.

To question the arbitrariness of these cultural stereotypes, in the context of an art residency in Indonesia, Balinese residents were invited to have a first time conversation with me and were asked after some minutes of conversation which color they perceived me, I told them which color I perceived them and our colors combined mapped the color of our first time encounter.